Safeguard San Diego

Safeguard San Diego’s Future

Because of an outdated city law, the state of California could cut off funding we need to repair roads, build parks, and make sure our city is prepared for a changing climate. Measure D is a simple fix to protect more than $120 million per year in state infrastructure funding while increasing taxpayer accountability and making sure good jobs go to local workers.

Vote Yes on D to rebuild our infrastructure, invest in our future, and safeguard San Diego

Measure D is a small but critical update to city law that will protect state infrastructure funding we badly need. But why is that money at risk, and how does Measure D protect San Diego?

When Republicans controlled city hall in 2012, they collaborated with wealthy developers and contractors to push through a law that banned the city from using project labor agreements (PLAs) in public works projects.

Now, that law puts San Diego in conflict with California rules. State contracting code says that if municipal law in any way restricts a city’s ability to consider PLAs “then state funding or financial assistance shall not be used to support any construction projects awarded by the city.”

Measure D removes that risk by lifting the ban. Measure D would not require San Diego to enter PLAs — it simply allows the city to consider PLAs on a project-by-project basis.

In addition, Measure D protects residents by: creating a citizen’s oversight committee to root our fraud and waste; requiring public disclosure on all bids and contracts over $10,000; and prohibiting all forms of discrimination on city projects.

Measure D is a common-sense solution that ensures we never lose our eligibility for state funding. That’s why it’s supported by a broad coalition, including:

And many more!